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About Mike


I began my journey in the practice of law in Montgomery, Alabama where I attended law school and worked as a law clerk for the law firm of Brannan & Guy, PC. After graduation, I opened my own practice and became extremely successful litigating personal injury cases, collecting millions of dollars in personal injury awards. In 2001 accepted a position with a law firm in Danville, Indiana where I remained employed for 3 1/2 years. During this time I gained invaluable knowledge from the attorneys I had the pleasure of working with at the firm. In 2004, I was made a partner. After a short period of time as a partner, I was unhappy with the financial arrangements and decided to open my own practice. My office has been located in Hendricks County, Indiana since that date, however my practice is a multi-state practice including cases in Alabama and various federal courts throughout the country. I enrolled and completed mediation training for domestic relations cases. This is a course that is very challenging and few have attained this training. My current practice now entails not only personal injury cases, but multiple areas of law as well including bankruptcy, domestic relations and criminal law where I have successfully defended numerous jury trials without a loss. In support of my personal injury practice.  Mike, would be happy to help you in whatever situation you find yourself that may require legal assistance. If you seek serious aggressive representation please call Jeffries Law, and I will be happy to meet with you to discuss your situation.

 Sincerely, Michael Jeffries, Attorney at Law